S02 E06 – Planning your corporate exit, featuring The Ivy Investor

Let’s get real honest about the end game at work: retiring rich (and of course happy). The good news – as women we are likely to live longer than our male counterparts and have equal access to the same financial vehicles as men. Bad news – Black women are less likely to marry, less likely to get promoted, make the least amount of money, and more likely to raise children in single income households. Without careful planning, these facts may leave us at an economic disadvantage at retirement. In this episode, we invite Courtney, aka The Ivy Investor, an investment expert, to discuss strategies for getting our retirement in order and planning our corporate exit strategy.

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S02 E05 – Presentation Skills

Work presentations to our bosses and peers can be stressful. However, they remain one of the best ways to bring people together, share information, explain ideas, and get everyone to reach for the same goals. Brooklyn and Keisha discuss their presentation experiences, including how they prepare, rehearse, and show up.

S02 E04 – Money Matters: Handling Personal Finances

Money matters! We work hard for it and it takes even more work to make that money work for you. That’s a lot of work-the word shows up three times in that last sentence alone! This week, Keisha and BK talk through the different things they have done to manage their personal finances. Listen to hear their take on budgeting, saving, investing, and even splurging.

S02 E03 – Coming Out at Work

In recognition of National Coming Out Day, October 11th, Brooklyn and Keisha are joined by special guest Sharon D. to exploring the idea of coming out at work.  For some, coming out at work is a daily event as they constantly meet new colleagues and customers. In some environments, this could mean that working relationships, career progression, and even your whole job could be at risk. Grab a drink and hear Sharon’s perspective on her experience coming out at work and her suggestions for others as members and allies of the LGBTQ community.

S02 E02 – Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Work

It’s Hispanic Heritage Month and Brooklyn sits down with “Jessica”, a Hispanic woman working in Corporate America, to learn more about this occasion.  They talk about how Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated at the office and Jessica shares some of the challenges she has faced while climbing the corporate ladder.

S02 E01 – Finding Love at Work

Nowadays we spend so much time at work that it’s no surprise that it can be the starting point of many romantic relationships. Finding love and making it work can be challenging in general.  Finding love at work adds layers and layers of complication. This week Brooklyn and Keisha look waaaaaay back on their dating life and bring in a guest who’s still in the game to download on their experiences finding, or not finding love at work.

S01 E18 – What about your friends, at work

If you’re lucky, you’ll both enjoy your work and the people you work with. Over the course of their career B&K have found a few lifelong friends as a result of closely working hard and playing hard with co-workers. In today’s episode they discuss the work friends they keep close and the boundaries they have with everyone else.

S01 E17 – Making a Baby while Building a Career

Women are waiting later than ever to have kids. One of the reasons is a focus on careers during their early 20s. For some, this does not create any physiological issues. For others, especially African American women, conceiving naturally at a later age is a challenge and requires significant intervention. Both scenarios, involve a delicate balance of the physical and emotional demands of work and building a family. In, this episode BK, Keisha, and Dr. Sarah St. Louis will talk through the journey to make a baby while building a career.

S01 E16 – Starbucks Anti-bias Training: Did it hit the mark?

Starbucks closed all of their retail locations on 5/29/18 to facilitate anti-bias training in response to an incident in one of its Philadelphia locations where a manager called the police on two Black men for supposedly using the restroom without buying anything.  This American Life was the only media outlet allowed to sit in on one of these training sessions. In this episode, BK and Keisha talk through what they took away from listening to the coverage during happy hour fueled by coffee inspired cocktails.    

S01 E15 – Finding the right coach

Jackie Hanselmann Sergi of Radical Spark Coaching, is back for part 2 of our career coaching series.  This week she joins us  fo drinks to demystify finding and assessing a career coach that is a right fit for you.