S01 E16 – Starbucks Anti-bias Training: Did it hit the mark?

Starbucks closed all of their retail locations on 5/29/18 to facilitate anti-bias training in response to an incident in one of its Philadelphia locations where a manager called the police on two Black men for supposedly using the restroom without buying anything.  This American Life was the only media outlet allowed to sit in on one of these training sessions. In this episode, BK and Keisha talk through what they took away from listening to the coverage during happy hour fueled by coffee inspired cocktails.    

S01 E15 – Finding the right coach

Jackie Hanselmann Sergi of Radical Spark Coaching, is back for part 2 of our career coaching series.  This week she joins us  fo drinks to demystify finding and assessing a career coach that is a right fit for you.

S01 E14 – Do I need a coach?

This week, we share a drink with leadership and empowerment coach, Jackie Hanselmann Sergi of Radical Spark Coaching. During happy hour, Jackie shares her view on the value a Career Coach can add as a member of your personal Board of Directors and how the role differs from a mentor, sponsor, and therapist.

S01 E13 – Internal Job Interviews

Keisha has a new job (at the same company). She shares her process for preparing for an internal job interview, leveraging a network and an executive sponsor, and negotiating after she got the offer.

S01 E12 – The First 90 Days

Brooklyn and Keisha celebrate their first 90 days of launching the Corporate Confidential and review a leadership book: “The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter” by Harvard Associate Professor Michael Watkins. Keisha reviews strategies offered by Watkins to build credibility in your first 90 days.

S01 E09 – The Mental Stress of Working While Black

The normal stresses of work are amplified for women of Color. On this, the first of a two part series, Dr. Cindy Graham of Brighter Hope Wellness Center helps to unpack the causes and symptoms of this stress.