About Us


Dorcas-250x250Brooklyn Marvelle, as her alias might suggest, loves all things NYC and all things marvelous. BK, as she commonly refers to herself and pretends other people do too, began her corporate journey as an engineer and has since morphed into a mighty marketing power ranger.  She has led marketing strategy for billion-dollar beauty brands, entertainment powerhouses, and many of your favorite guilty pleasures in the food industry.  Over the course of her 15+ year career, she is most proud of her ability to coach and inspire others-building teams that perform beyond all expectations.


Delanda-250x250Keisha Cantrell, is the honorary mayor of technology town-an alias inspired by two powerful (and super fly) Black female mayors.  With a name that clearly celebrates her culture, her resume probably did not make it through a few initial screenings.  Despite this, she persisted and began her career in IT consulting.  She soon realized that her true passion was not 24-7 pager duty but rather to inspire people to use technology.  She’s since grown into a tech evangelist and has led product marketing & strategy for several multi-billion dollar tech products.   In the last 15 years, she’s mentored talented women, led high performing teams, and she’s most proud of having a daughter and nurturing that special thing in her, and all black women: #BlackGirlMagic.