About Us


Dorcas-250x250Brooklyn Marvelle, as her alias might suggest, loves all things NYC and all things marvelous. BK, as she commonly refers to herself and pretends other people do too, began her corporate journey as an engineer and has since morphed into a mighty marketing power ranger.  She has led marketing strategy for tech disruptors, billion-dollar beauty brands, entertainment powerhouses, and many of your favorite guilty pleasures in the food industry.  Over the course of her 15+ year career, she is most proud of her ability to coach and inspire others-building teams that perform beyond all expectations.


Delanda-250x250Angela Anderson is your homegirl’s homegirl. With a personality as smooth as her name, she is a lover of randomness and champions all things related to emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness. Angela loves God, laughter, food, meaningful conversations and gold hoop earrings. She led a 10+ year career as a practicing attorney before transitioning into attorney recruitment and placement-helping hundreds of attorneys find flexible and creative ways to practice law. On her own time, Angela is knee deep in her local community where she advocates for causes specific to black women and girls and produces workshops centered around creating balance and purpose for working women.