Thriving in Male Dominated Fields

Women in traditionally male-dominated fields, such as engineering and finance, can face a difficult hurdles. Not only is there a pay gap, but also a respect gap, and a gap in the presence of female mentors and role models. In this episode, Brooklyn talks to one such role model, Shaneika Dabney Henderson about her path to success in the professional sports industry and beyond. We talk building expertise, managing micro (and major) aggression, supporting each other, and of course, cocktails.

S03 E09 – Turning 40 and Wining about it!

Angela and Brooklyn both turned the big 4-0 this year! In this episode, they are joined by a special guest as they sip wine and opine about grey hairs, the meaning of life, wrinkles, friendships, confidence — and everything that comes with reaching this milestone.

S03E08-Building a Personal Brand

There are brand you love and brands you love to hate! What about your personal brand? What do you stand for in the heart and minds of the people you interact with everyday? Tune in to this discussion about why personal branding is important and how to make sure yours is saying what you want it to!

S03 E07 – Boundaries (part 2) – Setting Them at Work

We continue our discussion with Dr. Natasha Thomas and Kristen Cook about practical tips for boundary setting at work. Kristen Cook weighs in on boundary setting from the HR perspective. We break down practical steps for you to take your life back and still be a stellar employee!

S03 E06 – Boundaries (part 1) – Who Needs Them?

Do you ever find yourself wondering if you can set workplace limits and still be a good employee? Are you fearful of saying no? Do you have a hard time turning work off, and is it causing distress to your personal life? This week, we are joined by two special guests who discuss the concept of boundary setting. We learn what boundaries are and discuss the crucial role they play to keeping our sanity! Dr. Natasha Thomas, Owner and CEO of Hope Grove Psychiatry, PC, and Kristen T. Cook, Senior HR Business Partner, help us navigate this topic.

S03 E05 – The Lonely Only

Are you “one of a few” at your current workplace? You may be the only woman or the only person of color within a larger group. If you ever find yourself feeling lonely during the workday, this episode is for you! We discuss the concept of workplace loneliness and are joined by an expert to help us hash it out!

S03 E04 – All About Admins

How skilled are you at managing your administrative support team? Are you a pleasure to support? Or could you use some fine-tuning in this area? This week, we are joined by an admin with over 30 years of experience. She will give her perspective about what it’s like to work for you! She’ll also share tips and tricks for getting optimal use out of administrative support.

S03 E03 – Week of Yes

Are you a fan of Shonda Rhimes’ book Week of Yes? In this episode, Brooklyn and Angela share results of their one week experiment to say ‘yes’ to more! Both ladies spent one week saying ‘yes’ to invitations, new opportunities, and chances to tackle challenges. They come together in this episode to discuss how the week went. Want to find out what they learned? Tune in!

S03 E02 – Is Workism the New Religion?

How closely is your career tied to your self-worth and happiness? Is it possible to give one’s career so much importance that it becomes a symbol of worship? Have we allowed our career aspirations to supersede other values? Is your career your God? In this episode, we have a heart-felt discussion with a marketing executive who just-so happens to also be a minister!

S03 E01 – Workwear that Works

Men have it easy when it comes to dressing for work. Just about any blue blazer, dark pair of jeans, and collared shirt will do. For women it’s not always so simple.  Do you bring a feminine flair to work or try to blend in with the guys? Do you dress for the job you want or dress to comfortably make it through the day? If you do decide to keep it cute, how do you build your wardrobe without blowing your budget? There’s so much to think about! In this episode, a unicorn engineer AND fashion stylist shares her tips and tricks.